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It is unfortunate that many immigrants are taken advantage of when they arrive in their country of adoption. Often immigrants will leave their country of origin for different reasons: it might be because there is no peace, no opportunities, or political and religious persecutions.


Plenty of those people have diplomas, licenses or even doctorates in many different fields, and some of them have even worked in their field for a long time. Most immigrants leave their native country for some of the reasons stated above only to restart their lives from scratch. Their diplomas are worth nothing. It breaks my heart when I see that. 


Gerlicia Massamba president and Founder who served 4 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, had the idea to start Queen of Clean Up for a reason. One day, a mother of 2 kids was telling her a story on how she left her homeland because it was not safe. She had a lot of experience working as a doctor but when she arrived in Canada, they told her that her diploma was worth nothing and that she had to go back to school. She was struggling with school and working below the minimum wage just to feed her kids. Moved by the story, she decided to open the cleaning company, Queen of Clean Up, to create practical and tangible help for people like that woman.


The main mission of the company is to provide you with a cleaning service that treats your home and place  like royalty. The second mission is to help immigrants by paying them above the minimum wage. The company would also provide them once a week with a meal, transportation, and English courses(for those who wants to learn english).  


Our staff is put through an intensive week of training where they are taught everything they need to know about cleaning and then put to the test in a home.


Our vision is to be known as the first cleaning company that supplies royalty cleaning services to our clients, on top of providing help for immigrants by giving them food, transportation, English classes and a decent salary for their work. We would also pay some of their tuition when they decide to go back to college or university to upgrade their diplomas, going up to providing them with a loan to pay their studies. 



By choosing us, you are deciding to let us treat your place like you are royalty and changing the life of one immigrant. 


Gerlicia Massamba



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